Toy Company Promoting Bloody Suicide To Toddlers

Every time I see any news reports that blow my mind, I shake my head in disbelief, asking myself, “Can it get any worse?” Well, the answer is yes.  It can get worse, and it has gotten much worse.

When the toy industry is allowed to sell toys to small children, ages three and up, with completely inappropriate messages and images of death, including blood, gore, and even suicide; when the mainstream, secular media is even disturbed by such a thing—yet it is NOT pulled from the shelves…you know there is a serious problem!


Revolting! Toy For Small Children Contains Real Image of Bloody Zombie Child Slicing Her Own Wrist! 

Well, it happened. Just yesterday, a mother bought her child a magic wand toy at a local dollar store.  When she peeled back a piece of reflective aluminum foil that was not supposed to be revealed, her jaw nearly hit the floor!  To her surprise, hidden was a photo of a real, little girl depicted as a demon possessed zombie holding a butcher knife in hand as she sliced her own wrist.  Dripping from the cut was blood, as the image of the girl wickedly smiled back.  If that was not enough in itself, when the button was pressed, the sound of an evil cackle played out through the toy’s speakers.

Meanwhile, the news has been flooded over the past few years with horror stories of siblings stabbing their brother or sister to death in cold blood; kids taking knives to school and threatening to murder fellow students; parents murdering their own children with knives; ISIS chopping off people’s heads, and so forth.

Anyone who knows anything about small children knows they are very impressionable, and are imitators of things they see and experience! Do you get what I’m saying here?

Watch the above video and see for yourself. This is TRULY disturbing, shocking, and an obvious sign that we are in the end of this age.  Satan is waging hell on the family, the church, and on children.  Be warned and be ready!


(above) Photo of image hidden beneath the reflective foil of a toy for children ages three and up (below) Package of Evilstick Wand Toy