Town Gets a ‘Pounding’ From Penis-Shaped Storm

posted by Eddie

A penis-shaped storm was spotted by satellite en route to a town Down Under, much to the delight of dirty-minded Aussies.

The storm was caught on its approach to Toowoomba, a town in the Queensland region of Australia, on Monday by Nicko Mickle. “Crazy arse storm on its way to [Queensland]…. looks likes old Toowoomba is about to cop a floggin too,” wrote Mickle, setting the tone for a series of punning comments to follow.
Toowoombas about to cop a poundin,” wrote Facebook commenter Matthew Cherry.

Looks like strong penetration rapidly moving in likely to produce extreme wet and windy conditions throughout the inner regions,” added Jamie Spear.

It didn’t take long for the war of puns to spill over to Twitter.


For what it’s worth, Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology now forecasts a mostly clear day for Toowoomba.

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