Top Things To Know Before A Business Trip To Ecuador

Are you currently planning a business trip to Ecuador?

You must be, or otherwise you most likely wouldn’t be reading this article. As with any other country in the world, there is some specific information that you will need to know before you leave to Ecuador.

Here are the top things you need to know before embarking on a business trip to Ecuador:

Spend More Than One Night

Even if your are only required to spend a single night in Ecuador for the purposes of your trip, you would be wise to sped at least one night in the country, especially if you are staying in the city of Quito.

The reason why is because the city sits at over 9,400 feet above sea level, and because of the weather conditions that results from that, flights are often delayed. Subsequently, spending at least two nights in Quito rather than one is less likely to disrupt your trip.

You Can Use USD Currency

One of the pluses to traveling to Ecuador, if you are an American, is that the official currency of Ecuador is the United States dollars. As a result, there’s no need to go through an exchange service to convert USD into another currency.

However, you may still want or need to use a money transfer service to send money to yourself or to a business associate. If so, Remitly offers ‘no transfer fees on your first transaction,’ and can have the money sent in only a matter of minutes.

It’s Easy To Go Cheap

Ecuador is without question one of the cheapest countries in Latin America. Grabbing a full dinner for less than two dollar is very easy. The public transportation system in Quito should also only cost you between a quarter and one dollar depending on what you’re using. In short, Ecuador is a very budget friendly travel destination.

Be Formal

As far as business is concerned in Ecuador, things are rather formal. If you’re in the highlands, you’ll want to wear a normal business suit, though in the lowlands closer to the coast you can be far more casual.

Expect to be invited to restaurants for business meetings, especially if you are first becoming acquainted with a new business partner. It’s also normal to engage in small talk before official business proceedings in Amazon as well.

Take The Opportunity To Enjoy Yourself

There’s a lot of fun things to do in Ecuador, so you don’t have to limit anything you do to your business proceedings by any means. Examples of what you can do include swimming at the beaches, hiking up the mountains, zip lining, and even watching volcanoes.

Going On A Business Trip To Ecuador

Before you officially leave to Ecuador on your business venture, the above information should be at the top of your mind to ensure a fun and fulfilling trip.

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