Top Scientist Resigns Admitting Global Warming Is A Big Scam

Global warming is something you hear about constantly on the news. Some talk about how hot the days have been. Some talk about how natural disasters have risen in both number and intensity. Some talk about how the polar ice caps have been melting, and how the polar bears and penguins are dying. Every day on the news, someone brings this topic up. Forget everything you knew about climate change. When Hal Lewis, a top scientist and a large part of the American Physical Society, resigned in October of 2010 he addressed that global warming was a scam.


Lewis claimed that it was by far the longest con in the scientific community. He said that the driving force for this propaganda was the money. Literally billions of dollars are going into global warming research each year, and as the problem continues to “exist, ” the money will continue to be dumped into the project. He claims that it wasn’t always like this and that the APS used to be a quieter, more valuable group. He even goes on to claim that no man can call himself a scientist and believe in the scam that is global warming.

He chalked it up to a marketing stunt. There is no doubt that these scientists would not be getting this amount of money for other research. The reason the world is putting so much into this is because of the cost they think they will pay it they don’t. It is also clear that the media is making massive amounts of money off of this. Tragic stories always get more attention than happy ones. There certainly is a side of the story that does not quite add up to global warming. Many well-known and respected scientists have openly said the global warming is not real. Even Al-Gore’s presentation has been debunked.

Personally, I think the important thing to remember is that if we do nothing about global warming and it is real, we lose a planet. If we do this work and it is not real, we lose some money and still make the world a better place to live in. Food for thought.