Top Freaky Pics That You’ve Ever Seen


Great pic from John and Teenuh Foster’s site Accidental Mysteries

Malaysia Ghost Picture This ghost picture was taken on the scene of an accident in Malaysia. Nobody noticed the strange and ominous figure under the bridge in the background until later.

The couple from this picture have no other children, no dolls, and no way for another child to be present in the next room – They claim it is a ghost.

Looks rather like a doll to me.

This is creepy this is a photo taken of two girl playing at a home, but what is the creepy figure in the back ground?

Courtesy of Ghost Tours.

Orbs, but the lights are what get me!

Ghost orbs?

El Paso High 1985 students and teachers in this picture claim there was no young girl with them when they took this photograph nor do they know the identity of this girl.