Top Contenders For The NBA Finals 2021

The Lakers gear up for a match at their home stadium, the Staples Center, in Los Angeles, California

The 2021 NBA season has been in full swing for a few months now. After some league-altering trades like the Nets’ acquisition of James Harden, the dust has finally settled enough to see which organizations have the best shot at a Championship title. Although it’s still early on, these franchises have clearly demonstrated that they have what it takes to make it all the way.

Los Angeles Lakers

There’s no surprise that the Lakers are starting off this list as top contenders for yet another NBA Finals title in 2021. With main playmakers Lebron and power forward Anthony Davis already leading LA to a top spot in the Western Conference, there’s nothing the franchise can’t do.

Even upon entering his 18th season playing the game, “The King” is better than he’s ever been, arguably the best athlete the league has at the moment. Not to mention the organization is riding high off last year’s victory when they crushed the Miami Heat and secured their 17th championship title, the most in the NBA and tying with the Boston Celtics. As fans gear up for playoff season and the highly anticipated Championship series, has the best NBA predictions to follow from expert pundits, continuously updating odds as games progress. If Lebron manages to snag another title, the Lakers will become the only organization in the NBA history to possess a whopping 18 Finals rings. The way it’s already looking, The King’s “GOAT” status won’t be fading anytime soon.

James’ influence cannot be underestimated

Los Angeles Clippers

The Los Angeles Clippers also have a good shot at a Championship appearance and victory in 2021. Especially with such a strong defensive side featuring powerhouses Patrick Beverly, Kawhi Leonard, and Paul George. Their blocking abilities have enabled the Clippers to remain strong against offensive tactics and stay hot shots on the scoreboard. If the Lakers want to bring

another Championship title to LA, they’ll definitely have to keep an eye on this other organization in their city that’s rising to the challenge.

Denver Nuggets

We already know the Nuggets have what it takes after their performance last year in the Western Conference Finals. After all, they have superstar Nikola Jokić on their side, a player who some would argue is of similar caliber to Lebron at the moment. The Serbian born center is a Nuggets veteran, playing for the franchise since his draft in 2014, and he’s seen his fair share of mega success. There’s no doubt that the Nuggets offensive power rests largely in Jokić’s hands as he embodies all the qualities of a extremely skillful ball player. It’s clear he’ll act as the leader in the Nuggets’ pursuit of a Finals title.

Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks are looking like they will be a sure contender in the playoffs, and maybe even gain a Championship win in 2021. Their roster grew in power during the offseason as they acquired a number of movers and shakers in Jrue Holiday, Jordan Nwora, and Sam Merrill. However, it’ll be two-time reigning MVP champ Giannis Antetokounmpo that will have the most influence in Milwaukee as the team chases down victory. Lately he’s entered into the “best player of basketball ever” conversation, threatening Lebron’s position as an elite scorer. With this power forward’s 6-foot 11 stature and massive wingspan, the Bucks are in great position to take the lead in the Eastern Conference.

Brooklyn Nets

The Nets’ stunning acquisition of James Harden back in January has positioned Brooklyn for potential glory. Fans are expectant that the powerful assist leader will continue to make moves with other offensive playmakers like Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant who are extremely high scorers. In fact, many have named Irving and Durant the best duo in the NBA, both demonstrating masterful shooting abilities and teamwork skills. It’s only a matter of time until they inch closer to a Finals appearance. Although they managed to make it to the Conference finals in 2003, if they win the Championship it’ll be their first victory since 1976.

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