Top 10 Sporting Events To Bet On In 2021

Last year, the outbreak of the Coronavirus brought an unexpected halt to several major sporting events. For bettors, this meant a halt in the thrill and calculated wins for the year. Luckily, with many sporting events resuming from where they left off the previous year, you can stand a chance to make some winnings and earn big! We have compiled a list of the top ten sporting events to bet on in 2021 to guide you through making big money this year.

  1. The Grand National

This horse racing event has been known as one of the most competitive racing events. This makes it an even more anticipated sporting event for many bettors. This year, the event starts on Saturday 10th April. You should also hire a bookie from a list of bookmaker reviews to help you place odds and collect winnings. 

  1. Rugby World Cup

The ninth edition of the Women’s Rugby World Cup kicks off in July this year and ends in August. New Zealand would host the twelve nations of this event in its cities of Auckland and Whangarei. These matches are highly anticipated, and bettors are guaranteed to make handsome winnings. 

  1. 2021 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup

This exciting cricket tournament would be played from October to the 14th of November in India. This event has had cricket fans and bettors on their toes with excitement since last year, as the Coronavirus caused it to be rescheduled from its original date in November 2020.

  1. Grand Slam Tennis Tournaments

For many bettors, tennis offers an easy way to gain money, starting with the Australian Open then the French Open. Bettors can also place wagers on the much-anticipated Wimbledon matches this year after its postponement last year.

  1. UEFA Champions League

Although currently ongoing, the League still has several betting opportunities to offer! Be sure not to miss out!

  1. Olympic games

The controversy surrounding the Olympic games hasn’t been settled. However, should the games be held this year, the various events present bettors with a wide range of opportunities to choose from to earn handsomely. 

  1. EuroCup Basketball

It is not too late to place your bets on the sports team you think would walk away as the Euroleague basketball champions of 2021.

  1. Boxing – Anderson Silva v Julius Cesar Chavez Jr

One of the long-awaited boxing matches this year is between the Mixed Martial Arts legend Anderson Silva and the son of an all-time great boxing middleweight boxer, Julius Cesar Chavez Junior. Time to place your bets on your predicted winning side.

  1. PGA Tour

For golf bettors, the PGA Tour Masters are scheduled to begin on the 8th-11th of April. This year’s Masters promises to be as exciting as it is every year. The thrills of the game would have bettors sitting on the edge of their seats at every swing!

  1. Formula 1- Emilia Romagna Grand Prix

If you missed the recent Bahrain GP, well, you still have a chance to place your bets on 18th April on the thrilling Emilia Romagna Grand Prix.

This year is jam-packed with exciting sporting events you would not want to miss!