Top 10 Lies Taught To Us In School

A school is a place that teaches knowledge, prepares children for their professional life and enables them to compete with the challenges they may face in future but sometimes, part of the information is not true. Here is a list of top 10 lies which are taught in the schools.

10. The Blue color of the Deoxygenated Blood


The veins inside our wrist appear blue and we are taught in our schools that the color of impure blood in our veins is blue. The myth says that oxygen is not present in deoxygenated blood so it remains blue while the blood that passes from your heart contains oxygen and hence it is red. However, the truth is that all this is the game of light. When light hits your skin, pigmentation refracts the red color and reflects the blue color blue due to which veins appear blue. Albinos have less pigmentation in their skin and hence all their veins appear red.

9. 13 Original Colonies of America
There are thirteen stripes in American flag which apparently represents America’s 13 original colonies in. However, this is not true as originally there were only 12 colonies. Delaware, originally named as ‘The Three Lower Counties’ was not an independent colony. Rather it was always juggled between Pennsylvania and Maryland and finally it came under possession of William Penn who was also the owner of Pennsylvania. It remained the part Pennsylvania until revolutionary war.

8. The Liquid Glass
A strong myth about glass that says glass is actually a liquid which moves at a very low speed. This myth was presented by an old historian on the basis of old windowpane which was bulky at the bottom as compared to their upper part. This myth was considered correct and became a part of our syllabus until a researcher nullified it. According to him, the rate of change in even the glueyest glass requires 10^32 years – equal to three times the universe came into existence.
7. Invasion of Africa by Europeans and the Kidnapping of Slaves
It is believed that the Americans or white people kidnapped people from Africa and brought them to America and Europe as slaves. Although it is true to some extent but there is some lie involved in it as well. History suggests that most of the slaves were sold by African slave traders themselves (Caucasian slaves were used in Egypt army).  When they realized that Americans or Europeans can pay them for their slaves; they started kidnapping people and trading them.
6. Abraham Lincoln’s opposition towards Slavery
Abraham Lincoln, the former president of America is well known for his views against slavery but the fact is that he was never against slavery; rather, his own statements were ambiguous. His only concern was to make the union stronger regardless of whatever it requires. That’s why he said during 1862’s Emancipation Proclamation that he will not bother freeing all, some or even no slave to make the union stronger. At that time, Confederate states were at war after their separation from the Union.


5. Coal makes Diamonds


It is strongly believed that diamonds are made from coals, however this is not true. The fact suggests that coals are found among other rocks like limestone whereas diamonds are found in beams nearly hundred miles under the core of earth and are brought up during outbreak of volcanoes. Although high pressure and heat is required for the formation of diamonds from carbons but these carbons are not the ones that form coal.

4. America’s Founding Fathers Were All Christian
History teaches that all the founding fathers of America were Christians but this is not true. There were people who belonged to other beliefs as well. Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson were not Christians as they only believed in the existence of God because of nature only. John Adams belonged to Unitarian; a belief that Jesus was not God’s son but a person with good character and moral. George Washington was Pantheist; who believed that nature itself is god. Alexander Hamilton became Christian after the murder of his son.
3. Cut off of Van Gogh’s Own Ear
It is believed that Vincent van Gogh cut off his ear and sent it to his girlfriend but this is not true. The true story was revealed by a historian Hans Kaufmann. According to him, Gogh lost his ear in a fight with his fellow painter Paul Gauguin. Gogh hit his friend with wine glass and Gauguin attacked on him with a sword and cut off his ear. Later, Gauguin made a story that Gogh has lost his mental stability so that he could not be accused and arrested.
2. Evolution of Humans from Apes
It is a common evolutionary theory that humans evolved from Apes. The most favored theory is that the ancestors were common about millions of years back and then they divided (due to whatever reason) into different tribes and groups. However, according to creationist theory, this is not true as evolution teaches Survival of the fittest based on the natural selection. It is most likely that the humans and apes evolved from some common ancestor and evolution let them evolve into two different directions with the passage of time and this happened millions of years ago.

1. Thanksgiving
The history of Thanksgiving talks about the arrival of Mayflower at Plymouth Rock during 1620 and their warm welcome by the friendly native who not only gave them food but also taught them how to plant he corns. Later, they arranged a feast on their first harvest and cherished their survival. The natives also joined them in the celebration.

However, the real story is cruel and genocidal. The EU fisherman and settlers had introduced a plague three years before the arrival of pilgrims. The plague swept about 96% of the population and those who were left were too weak to fight back. Evidence says that the Pilgrims already knew it and therefore they came here to ripe the already sown crops. Moreover, they stole tools and food from the weak Indians who were still alive.