Toddler Boy Gets A Power Plug Stuck In His Brain After Falling Off The Bed

A Chinese toddler has survived a horrific accident after he fell onto a power plug which became stuck in his brain.

The two-year-old boy, reported to be called Chen Chen (not his real name), was playing at his home in Guangzhou when the tragedy occurred last Saturday, according to Chinese media.

Doctors have successfully removed the plug from his head after a three-hour-long operation.

According to the report on, little Chen Chen was playing on the bed at around 11pm  in the family’s rented home.

His mother claimed that Chen Chen lost his footing after stepping on a plastic ball, which led the toddler to fall off the bed.

Chen Chen’s mother, however, did not explain whether or not any adults were looking after the boy when he was playing.

The child fell right onto a power plug which became stuck in his head.

Shocked, his family immediately took him to the hospital.

Doctors said the three contacts of the power plug had inserted into Chen Chen’s brain and a surgical operation was needed at once.

Doctors performed the operation on November and the power plug was successfully removed after three hours.

According to the report, Chen Chen’s condition has stabilized and he is due to be discharged from the hospital in about two weeks.