Tips For Choosing The Right Application For Your Business

You know your business needs an app, but do you know why? There are many convincing reasons to design an application:

* You can increase visibility among customers and clients, especially if they enable push notifications.

* You can market to an interested audience directly.

* Customers that use an app are more likely to be engaged with brands.

* Most people are on a mobile device, which is a great platform for apps.

But, just because you know you need a mobile app doesn’t mean you know what kind of app to build!

If you’re not sure where to start, follow these tips, and you’ll discover the best type of app for your business.

Will You Build It Yourself?

It may be tempting to cut out the middle man and build your app yourself. Although there are platforms that will enable you to do it alone, it is much better to hire a professional to help, but why choose when you can have the best of both worlds?

Platforms, like BuildFire, enable you to reach out to a professional team of developers when it’s time to design your app. However, the system is so intuitive that you can pitch in and do some of the designing yourself. That way you’re directly involved in the design of your application, but you don’t have to learn code or manage a large team of developers.

Consider the Three Different Types of Apps

An app isn’t just an app. Surprisingly, there are three different types to choose from. They include:

* Native apps are developed for a single mobile operating system. They offer high performance and ensure a good user experience, but multiple versions of the same app have to be created for each platform.

* Web apps require a browser to run, instead of downloading an app on a separate device. Personal databases are saved on a server, which means users can access the website app from any device with an internet connection.

* Hybrid apps are a combination between native and web apps, they can be found across platforms, and they are relatively easy to develop. However, design issues can crop up across each platform.

There isn’t necessarily one right or wrong answer, but if you’re looking towards the future and want to be at the forefront of the latest trends, choose a web app. Some predict they will replace native mobile apps because they are always accessible, without taking up memory or data on a mobile device.

Consider What You Want Your App to Do

Figuring out what type of app to create is important, but your choice won’t matter much if you don’t think carefully about exactly what it is you want your app to do.

There are quite a few different types of apps out there. As a matter of fact, there are a whopping 33 categories of apps listed in the Apple App Store.

Unsurprisingly, gaming apps are the most popular. If you can figure out how to create a gaming app that promotes your brand, you’ll have the greatest chance of having your app downloaded.

If you don’t have a game in mind for your app, don’t worry. Other categories boast fewer downloads, but there is also less competition. A few other options include:

* Business apps, like Indeed Job Search

* Educational apps, like TED

* Lifestyle apps, like Tinder

* Entertainment apps, like Netflix

* Utility apps, like flashlights

* Travel apps, like Airbnb

Will Your App Be Free?

Once you’ve figured out what kind of app you want to create, what you want it to do, and who is going to help you do it, it’s time to figure out exactly how you can monetize your new creation.

Paid apps can ensure you make money as soon as the app is downloaded. It’s not a bad idea for companies creating business apps, but it may not be the best choice for other categories. Surprisingly, free apps can often make more money than paid apps. You just have to figure out exactly how you’re going to monetize your application.

Consider selling advertising space on your app, or create additional services that can be purchased. You can also consider offering a free trial of your app that must be purchased when the trial is up.

A lot of thought goes into creating an app, but planning is important. With the tips on this list, you can ensure you build a professional, useful app that people want to download and use on a regular basis.

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