Tiny Island Where 500 Villagers Live Is Half Size of Football Pitch

Migingo Island is round about 2,000 square metres but that doesn’t stop it being populated by villagers who live side by side in tiny shacks.

The island on the border of Uganda and Kenya has a hair salon, four bars and a few brothels.

Amazing pictures show the narrow alleyways the residents have to navigate on the island.

The history of Migingo Island has two Kenyan fishermen who claim to have been the first inhabitants of this Island. These are George Kibebe and Dalmas Tembo who settled there in 1991.The Island was covered with weeds and that birds and snakes infested the Island.

Other than the two Kenyans, a Ugandan fisherman Joseph Nsubuga also claims to have settled there in 2004.While at the Island Joseph says that all he found was an abandoned house. Because of the proximity to fishing grounds that are rich in Nile Perch other fishermen subsequently settled at the Migingo Island from Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

Speaking about the relations between Uganda and Kenya regarding the island:

Kenyan fishermen gave an unusual claim in 2009 that since none of the Nile perch breed in Uganda, then the fish somehow belonged to the Kenyans therefore.

At various times, The Uganda and Kenyan Police have at various occasions occupied the Island of Migingo. According to the Kenyan government in June 2004, the Ugandan Marine police came and pitched tents on the island as well as raising the Ugandan flag and that of the police department. In February 2009, there arose a diplomatic row between Uganda and Kenya when the Kenyans that lived on Migingo Island were required to purchase special permits from the government of Uganda.

Other photos show fisherman preparing their nets on a crowded dock during the day.

The prostitutes are said to arrive at night from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

Lake Victoria, where the island is located, is believed to be the second largest tropical lake in the world.

AboutUganda adds:

Migingo Island is 200 meters from the Pyramid Island. Migingo Island is quite too small that it has not been displayed on most maps. Migingo lies 200 meters east of the Usingo Island, 12 kilometers south of it is the Pyramid Island and also lying north of the Tanzanian border in Lake Victoria.

Looking at maps since the 1920s Migingo has been on the Kenyan side when Kenya was recognised as a Kenya colony and Protectorate order in council. In the 21st century however, a Ugandan Official made claims thus causing a disagreement about where the Island is located of Uganda and Kenya.

Whatever the case, this is some set-up.