Three Fingered Mummified Humanoid Reportedly Found In Peru

One of the most often-used lines in the paranormal world (outside of the Nazca lines – more on those later) is “This will change everything.” More often than not, more appropriate lines might be the titles of two famous sketches on The Late Show With David Letterman: “Will it Float?” and “Is This Anything?” A new video out of Peru shows what appears to be a mummified humanoid with the almond eyes, three-fingered hands, three-toed feet and elongated skull of a possible alien that is being touted as a game-changer but has not yet been proven to be that or anything else. What is it? Will the theories in the video float?

The video was produced by Gaia, Inc., whose spokesperson says was introduced to the mummy by Mexico’s well-known UFO and paranormal journalist, Jaime Maussan. Also in the video is Russian biophysicist Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, who invented the Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) which he claims shows energy fields emanating from humans and possibly souls leaving bodies after death. Possibly because of this, he’s considered by the video producer to be an expert in human and non-human bodies.

According to comments from those examining it, the mummy’s grey-white color is said to be from the drying powder used to preserve it. While balled up in a fetal position, it’s extrapolated to be 168cm (5’6”) tall and looks like a human except for the head, hands and feet. While it appears fragile, they don’t treat it like a precious relic or possible alien body – the mummy is grabbed by the legs and lifted forcefully out of a cardboard  box. Unlike the secrecy involved with many of these finds, someone apparently gave permission for a piece of skin to be removed for carbon dating and allowed the mummy to be CAT scanned.

The carbon test dates the mummy’s origin at between 245 – 410 CE. The CAT scan shows the elongated skull and multi-jointed bones in the fingers and toes. The fingers resemble the three-fingered hand also found in Peru in late 2016 and the exterior of the head – with its slit eyes and missing ears and nose – looks like the miniature “alien” skull also allegedly found in Peru in 2016.

Will it float? The story of the mummy has some holes. They don’t seem to mention exactly when or where it was found and make a loose connection to the Nazca Lines, which have in common the fact that both are in Peru, but seemingly not much more. The elongated skull joins the other elongated skulls of the area in the debate over head-binding. A more interesting connection involves some references to three-fingered and three-toed figures in ancient South American art and petroglyphs. Those are dots that a little closer to connecting.

Is this anything? Melissa Tittl, Gaia’s Director of Original Content, says in the video that DNA testing is underway. That important item would seem to be the first and best piece of evidence to reveal, but then there would be no need for future videos or trips to Peru. Dr. Korotkov seems convinced that this is “another creature, another humanoid,” but really offers no concrete evidence that would negate a need for DNA testing.

For now, it looks like we’ll have to wait for the DNA test and the next video before deciding if Korotkov’s argument floats and resolves if this is anything, like an alien humanoid, or just another stupid human trick.