Threat of Nuke Was With Russia Greatest In 50 Years

Geopolitical expert Stephen F. Cohen says that the threat of nuclear war with Russia is the greatest it has been in over 50 years as a result of President Trump not being able to talk properly with Vladimir Putin due to the Russiagate allegations.

Speaking with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson last night, Cohen, author of War With Russia, said that the recent cancellation of Trump’s official meeting with Putin in Argentina was another disturbing indication that the president is being prevented from engaging in crucial diplomacy.

“For the first time since President Eisenhower, a president of the United States, Donald Trump, is not free to keep us from war with Russia,” said Cohen, adding that Trump’s cancelled meeting with Putin in Argentina would have been “very important”.

“We are embroiled with crises that are fraught with hot war not just cold war,” he added, opining that the recent clash between Russia and Ukraine in the Black Sea was a “provocation to disrupt the meeting between Trump and Putin.”

Cohen emphasized how the Russian collusion allegations are preventing Trump from meeting with Putin due to optics and that this is harming national security, noting that previous presidents such as John F. Kennedy have negotiated with Russia to avoid nuclear war.

“That is not the case today and that’s why I think the danger of war with Russia, at least since the Cuban missile crisis, is greater in my lifetime, in history, than it’s ever been because of these Russiagate allegations for which I’ve yet to see any authentic evidence,” said Cohen.

Cohen, who has studied American-Russian relations for 50 years, asserted that whoever is promoting Russiagate allegations – primarily Democrats – are “endangering national security”.

“We are in a very dangerous situation….and this has to stop and has to stop soon,” he concluded.