This Woman Was Diagnosed With Breast Cancer, But What Doctors Say Caused It Completely Shocked Her


Wendy Holt, a 51 year old Asian woman from the UK was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Neither her age, ethnicity, family history nor lifestyle habits provided any pre-existing likelihood that she would develop this disease.

Further, diagnostic tests showed an unusual formation of small tumors, rarely seen.  When she was told that she had breast cancer and was informed of the strange pattern of the tumors, she instinctively knew what had caused this.  Wendy had stored her cellphone inside her bra, on the side where the tumors had developed, every day for years.  In fact, it had been a decade that she had done so, for convenience sake.

The breast where she had stored her cellphone was swollen, which led her to get medical attention.  What was found was a rare and inflammatory type of breast cancer.  According to the Daily Mail, Holt said, “I got my first phone  around 1999 and I was quite big-busted, so I would store it down there and nobody would be able to tell. It was pressed against my skin for probably 70 per cent of the day for about ten years — and I didn’t give it a thought.”

Holt survived the breast cancer, but unfortunately the disease had metastasized to her lungs and lymph nodes.  Her diagnosis is terminal and it will be unlikely that she will live to see her next birthday.  Generously, Holt has used this very sad and horrifying turn in her life, as a forum to forewarn others to never store a cellphone next to your skin on a regular basis.  She said, “People might disagree with my theory, but it’s my belief and I don’t want this to happen to anyone else.”

The doctor in this video, and others who were involved with her case, do concur with her theory, given the unusual array of the tumors, which matched the shape and position of how she stored her cellphone within her bra.

Watch the video below, to hear more details about this alarming story, which should be used as a cautionary tale of how to safely store your cellphone.  It should be kept in a pocket or purse, away from actual skin contact.  Sadly, Holt had to learn this through devastating consequences, but wants people to know what the possible consequences are, of phone to skin contact. She plans to take, what will likely be, her final family vacation to Malta.

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