This Walmart Closed and Left The Building Abandoned – So The City Decided To Do This With It and It’s Awesome

When going through almost every town in the United States, you are bound to find at least one Walmart. But what happens when a Walmart closes down? Although this doesn’t seem to happen very often, it leaves behind a very large, vacant building. Most cities don’t want to let this type of building just sit there. In McAllen, Texas their Walmart did close their doors leaving a large building vacant. Rather than letting this store just sit there, they did something amazing. Check out the photos below of this Walmart turned library! It’s now the largest single floor library in America! Very impressive!

I could spend hours in this library!

They decided to make this Walmart turned library into a more modern building, adding bright colors and fun furniture.

They even updated the outside landscaping and building’s exterior to match with the modern design inside. 

Inside you’ll find a cafe, a used book store, an auditorium, along with self checkout stations to make it a great experience.

Along with the other amenities mentioned, this library also has 64 computer labs, 10 children’s computer labs, 2 genealogy computer labs, 16 public meeting spaces, and 14 public study rooms.

I could definitely spend a lot of time at this library! It’d be so great to go and explore. I’m am very happy that McAllen,Texas was able to do something with the large building that was left behind.