This Video of A Homeless Man Sharing His Food Will Change The Way You Think


If someone who was starving approached you on the street and asked you to share your food, would you oblige?

In a new social experiment conducted by OCK TV, two men — ET and Dennis — set out to see if strangers in NYC will do just that. And guess what? They fail at all three attempts. Not one person will budge. In fact, a man chowing down on his pizza tells one of the guys to “get the f–k out of here.” What a gentleman.

Moments later, ET and another person on the team purchase an entire pizza pie and give it to a homeless man, who — by the way — looks happier than any of the other individuals you meet before him.

Shortly after that, Dennis disguises himself as a homeless person and sits next to the man with the pizza. He tells him he’s hungry and asks if he has an extra slice. Without hesitation, the homeless man happily shares his meal.

And what happens next will bring tears to your eyes.

Click to watch the video that will change the way you think — and the way you treat other people. At the end of the day, we’re all people — homeless or not.