Public Encouraged To Attend Burial For Unclaimed Veteran


Many of our veterans have no families and are alone, often in nursing homes. That in itself is very sad, and when they pass on- who is there to attend their funeral? Many times, unfortunately the answer is- no one…


Recently a U.S. Marine Corps veteran passed away at a nursing home in Indianapolis, leaving no family behind, according to WTHR 13.

The nursing home and the funeral service asked for the public to attend the veterans funeral.

More than 1,000 strangers showed up this week to say goodbye to the veteran who had no family!

The man’s name is BILLY C. ALDRIDGE. He passed away on October 14 at the ripe old age of 80!

Since the nursing home had no records of any family and they requested that Legacy Funeral assist by taking him into its care. No one stepped forward to make funeral arrangements so Legacy, along with Private Label Caskets, Memorial Park Cemetery and Indianapolis Police Escort, worked together to give the veteran a dignified burial.

Brig. Gen. J. Stewart Goodwin, Executive Director of Indiana War Memorials, delivered the eulogy. The Indy Metropolitan Military Honor Guard provided military honors.

Wow. Again, what a wonderful thing that these people did for this hero. 

Rest in peace Mr. Aldridge.