This TV Is So Thin It Might Give You A Paper Cut

If this isn’t the coolest things to happen to television since they started mass producing flat-screens then I’m not sure what is.

LG has released their concept project for a brand new sticker thin 55″ panel television. At under a millimeter thick this incredible machine weighs only four pounds, light enough a child could carry it. On top of that, it won’t mount to your wall in the conventional way – and it’s not a sticker; it stays attached via magnet!

They accomplished this using a technology known as OLED’s, or organic light emitting diodes. OLED’s take the back lights, fitters and shutters that are layered in regular LCD’s and puts them into a single, paper thin layer. The technology itself is nothing new however, being utilized in phones to make them smaller as well as tablets etc.; but due to the difficulty of mass producing televisions you’d be hard pressed to find one.


With that being said, LG Display may have found a way to do just that – bring these beauties to homes everywhere at affordable prices, according to Yonhap News. In a press release Yeo Sang-Deog, head of the LG OLED division, stated that in just a year and a half they accomplished the same amount of manufacturing progress as they did with ten years with LCD’s!

While they have been made more affordable than before, they’re still not necessarily “affordable,” running anywhere from $2,000-$10,000 for 55″+.