This Town Was Flooded 50 Years Ago, and When The Water Drains, It Reveals Itself

When a forgotten locale becomes a ghost town, we’re free to speculate about what happened that made people turn their backs on it forever.

For the town of Somerset, Indiana, abandonment occurred for financial and ecological reasons. Back in the 1960s, the state demolished the original town of Somerset and moved it. The original site was then flooded by the Mississinewa Lake Dam.

The streets and foundations of the old town are still there. When water levels get low enough, you can explore the old town.

Tumblr user Akron Squirrel lives nearby, and when the water receded, they decided to take a look around.

This is one of the remaining streets.

“My grandparents used to live up the road from here, and I remember going down to explore the old town once in the late ‘90s,” the explorer wrote.

Here are the foundations of forgotten buildings.

They’re filled in with mud right now, but if someone cleaned them out, they’d still be in good shape. It makes you wonder what’s buried there.

This photo shows the reservoir that usually spills over into the ghost town.

This is certainly a place where you don’t want to find yourself stranded at night. I can only imagine what happens when the sun goes down.

Even though I’m sure it’s not good news that the water level is so low right now, it is pretty amazing to get this unique glimpse into life as it once was in Somerset. I wonder what other secrets are hiding on this spooky property.


Akron Squirrel