This Sweet Dog Walked 20 Miles Twice To Find Family Who Gave Her Up After Moving

A dog whose story of heartbreaking loyalty to her former owners went viral on Facebook has found a new and loving home.

We do not deserve dogs! Cathleen, a six-year-old Great Pyrenees mix, was given up to someone in Prague, Oklahoma after her family decided to move to a new home in Seminole, Oklahoma, just 20 miles away. So what did sweet Cathleen do? She walked, not once, but TWICE back to her family’s home in an effort to find her people. How heartbreaking is that!?

Thankfully, Seminole Humane Society took Cathleen in to help find her a new home. “Her heart wants to be with them but they cannot keep her. We have now stepped in to assist Cathleen on her next journey,” the shelter wrote.

Described as a “love bug,” (and obviously very loyal to her humans) Caitlin has received adoption requests from all over the U.S. – and she found the perfect home! Cathleen will soon be going to Texas to start her new life. Yay!

While there’s a risk Cathleen may try again to return to Oklahoma, Mattingly treasurer of the Seminole Humane Society said at her new place, she’ll be an inside dog with access to a securely fenced yard. And one of her new owners works from home, so she’ll get plenty of attention during the day.

With over 70 million homeless dogs and cats wandering the streets in the U.S., we could all stand to do a lot more to ensure loving animals, just like Cathleen, get their happy ending too.

If you’re considering welcoming a four-legged companion into your home, please always adopt and never shop and understand that adoption is a life-long commitment. If you’re unable to adopt, animal shelters could always use more volunteers to help with a variety of tasks, so be sure check out our guide to volunteering!