This Strange Mineral Is Only Found In Detroit – and People Are Shocked When They Learn What It Is


From new inventions to entire new elements, scientists are making groundbreaking discoveries every day that make us realize that there’s a lot of strange things out there that we have yet to find.

But one new type of stone is unlike anything that’s been found before. It’s called fordite, and while it might look like a mineral, it’s something much more bizarre.

This is fordite. It looks like a mineral discovered in a deep cave, but it’s something much more interesting.


Fordite was made accidentally. Before cars were painted as they are today with an automated, electrostatic process, they were hand-painted by people who sprayed layers of paint on metal vehicles.

The fordite and was made at a Michigan automobile shop. Also know as Detroit agate, fordite is not a mineral or a rock. It is something much more interesting, as well as bizarre. It is thousands of layers of automobile paint that has been caked, layer upon layer from when cars were painted by hand. The paint has been baked, again and again. This has caused it to become encrusted on the machines used to paint cars. This stone looks like it was discovered at an archaeological dig.


After enough time had passed, people began to make use of fordite by scraping the material off. It has become a highly sought after material for jewelry making. The psychedelic texture is also quite attractive for accessories. Cufflinks, necklaces, rings and earrings made from fordite are extremely popular in North America at bespoke jewelry shops. Decades old paint has been recycled into beautiful jewelry.




The inside of each piece of fordite shows a unique pattern. The pieces resemble something found in a museum gift shop. Fordite proves you can find beauty anywhere, even in the weirdest of origins. Even though fordite has the look of a naturally occurring mineral it is a byproduct of many years of manufacturing and painting automobiles