This Snapchat Horror Film Will Grip You To The End


Snapchat has quickly become the preferred platform for the youths of the world thanks to its heavy focus on photos, videos, and the ephemeral nature of life’s moments. Also, it’s a lot more comforting to send a nude when you know it’ll only last a maximum of 10 seconds out in the world — unless a recipient takes a screenshot. Then you’re screwed.

Anyway, there’s perhaps no better platform to demonstrate how technology is dominating our lives, increasingly in ways we wouldn’t expect. The team at Space Oddity Films is well aware of this, and their latest short film takes the phenomenon to a terrifying extreme.

Called 3 SECONDS, the video stars comedian Allison Raskin of Just Between Us and shows a young woman repeatedly awakened in the middle of the night by Snapchats from a practical joker. The timing of the Snaps is scary enough, but it’s the content that sends the heartbeat straight up.

Writer and Director Alex J. Mann explained in an email to A Plus that he “wanted to explore Snapchat in a film, and the horror genre seemed like the best way to do so.”

“We go through our days with seeming control of our technology, but I think that relationship is starting to change,” he continued. “Our apps and devices know us better than we know ourselves. What happens when they turn on us?”

Snapchat isn’t the only platform he and his team have tackled. There are also Gchat and Instagram thrillers, and Mann said Vine, Twitter, and Venmo are “all on the list.” They’ll possibly show up later down the road after Space Oddity’s upcoming project is finished.

“We’re doing a smart thermostat sci-fi thriller next, which we see as a millennial update on Dave’s relationship with HAL in 2001: A Space Odyssey,” he wrote.