This Pup Dances To Music Coming Out Of The Car


I never love it when people feel the need to blast the music in their car so loudly, that it imposes on everyone else.  However, in the case of the car playing a Latino song in the video you are about to watch below, I had to drop my judgement…it put a big smile on my face!

The music had a ‘feel good’ beat and melody, made better by a dog who happened to be passing by…he was clearly feelin’ it.  No judgement for this pup who is drawn to cross the street to get closer to the music.  As he saunters over, you won’t believe his moves.

He bops up and down to the beat with such precision!  Seriously, has he been taking dance lessons?  I’ve never seen any video of an animal moving to a beat, that approaches anything like the skills, of this ‘beyond cool’ dog!  It may actually motivate you to get up and dance along.