This Poor Farmer’s Son Was Able To Graduate From College – But Nothing Can Prepare You For The Truth Behind It

Some of us think that we are burdened with so many problems and that life is unfair, and lose heart easily. We do not think of those people who are in deeper trouble but continue to strive harder and have more positivity in life. I am sure many of you have seen this picture a few months back—but do you know the story behind it?

No matter what part of the world you examine, there will be parents and children there sharing bonds of love and respect. This photo in particular surfaced from rural Asia, warming the hearts of thousands online. Although there isn’t much information online about this picture, you won’t need to know the full story to really feel the emotions behind it. According to Reddit and a Thai forum, this is a picture of a son with his poor farmer father after finally graduating from college. The juxtaposition of the son and father is shocking, but also touching.


The father lost his wife during childbirth. He spent every day of his life working hard to support his son.



Some were even quick to ridicule the student, as his father looked so dirty and uncared for. But what their story has to bring quickly touched the hearts of many. This is the story of Pao Choua:

This short film tells us a story that will be forever etched in our hearts. It is about the love of a father for his son—and the unwavering loyalty and love of a son for his father. It is a bond that will never be broken, despite the many burdens they have experienced in their lives. Pao Choua’s father is a poor farmer who, despite having to eat almost nothing at all, struggled to make his son study. Pao Choua on the other hand, knows that the money his father makes is not enough for his studies, and so he became a working student, even though it meant that he had to stay away from his father for quite sometime. Studying and working is a very hard combination as many of us know.
But did all this stop Pao Choua from studying? No. As a matter of fact, his poverty-stricken life has pushed him to study harder and get a degree in college. Now, it is his turn to take care of his father.

Reddit via Pantip