This Pit Bull Hasn’t Stopped Smiling Since Being Adopted


This lovable pooch has acquired over 40,000 + followers on Instagram due to his friendly demeanor and unforgettable smile.

You wouldn’t want to live your life in a jail cell, and animals don’t want to spend the remainder of their days in animal shelters. Fortunately, many find new, furrever homes every day. One lucky dog who did is a pit bull mix named Meatball (or Meaty).

Despite first impressions, the photogenic canine didn’t always look so elated. Once, Meaty lived in an animal shelter, wondering when he’d be adopted by a human family. Fortunately, a woman named Lisa Reilly saw a photo of Meaty posted on the internet by the Fresno Bully Rescue and fell in love.

She wrote in an essay for Petco that Meaty reminded her of her bulldog, Kitty, who had passed away three months prior. It didn’t take long after welcoming the canine into her home to learn that he loves the camera.

After posting a few photographs of Meaty on Instagram, she was soon rewarded with a horde of followers. The images that have since followed are just as cute and heartwarming as the first few.

Today, Meaty has over 40k followers on Instagram due to his smiling face and friendly demeanor. After scrolling through the images below, it’s not difficult to understand why:

In the time that has passed since Meaty was adopted, other rescue dogs have been added to the family. And in each photograph, the pit bull mix is ALWAYS smiling, happy to be living a comfortable life with his family.