This Pilot Stuck His Camera Out The Window

Alex MacLean has taken photography to a whole other level…literally. He is a licensed pilot, with a background in architecture who has flown his plane over most of the United States (as well as other countries) documenting changes in landscapes. His photographs are powerful and intriguing, as they also show the effects that humans have had on natural environments.

I hope you aren’t afraid of heights, because you’re about to go on a magnificent ride.

Snowmobile tracks on the Clearwater River. (Alberta, Canada)

Bombers Boneyard. (Tucson, Arizona)

Copper Mines. (Bagdad, Arizona)

Desert housing block. (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Desert housing block. (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Drainage Patterns. (Clark County, Nevada)

Flamingos taking flight. (Rosolina, Italy)

Floating daisy docks. (Chicago, Illinois)

Flower fields. (Carlsbad, California)

Future housing development with a golf course. (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Logging rafts. (Olympia, Washington)

Magenta tide line. (Wellfleet, Massachusetts)

Painted patchwork. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Subdivision divided in two. (Sun City, Arizona)

Sunbathers on a rocky shore. (Liverno, Italy)

Tailgating at Nascar. (Richmond, Virginia)

Veal pens. (Union, Indiana)