This Old Russian Remedy Relieves Back and Joint Pain In A Jiffy


I know how achy you can get living in a cold region, so it’s no surprise to me that a remedy like this would come out of Russia! This alternative medicine, like many, is able to relieve a variety of back and joint pain that you might get either through sitting too much or through excessive physical labor.

Forget the pain killers and give this natural remedy a try. If you like it, be sure to tell us about it!


  1. Finely shred 400 grams of garlic. Put it in a jar and fill with 1 liter of quality unrefined vegetable oil. Olive and sunflower oil would work great.
  2. Close the lid to the jar and leave it in a dark room at room temperature.
  3. Shake the jar once a day for two weeks.
  4. After two weeks, you should have a fairly potent garlic oil. Strain the liquid through 3-4 layers of gauze.


Simply massage this oil onto your painful places. Afterward, cover the area with a rag.

Garlic is supposed to improve blood circulation, which can help relieve pain around your joints. This oil will keep for about two months. Beyond that, we recommend making another batch.

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