This Mysterious Hill In Indiana Defies Gravity

What happens to vehicles on this mysterious hill in Indiana will blow your mind…

It’s safe to say that down a typical country lane you would usually expect to see tractors, farm animals or perhaps some walkers.
However, around this one particular country lane in Mooresville, Indiana, you can expect some very strange occurrences. You are more likely to encounter basket balls, or cars parked in neutral or a few curious pedestrians holding bags of flour – all at the bottom of one captivating hill which seems to be pulling everything upward, against gravity!

Gravity Hill has long been a source of mystery in the Mooresville area. If you were to put your car in neutral at the “bottom” of the hill close to a prominent mailbox, the hill will immediately start to pull it “up” – in the wrong direction, according to our old friend gravity.

Early reports of this phenomenon have dated as far back as the 1940’s.The hill has a body of folklore purporting to explain the phenomenon. According to one story, 60 years ago an elderly woman was making her way up this hill when her car ran out of gas. The woman got out of her car and began pushing it up the hill.She was not very strong, however, and eventually, the car rolled backwards on top of her. As she lay there, injured, an oncoming truck ran over and killed the woman. Today, if one puts his car in neutral at the bottom of the hill, the old woman will push it to the top.

Legend also has it that in the 1930’s, a school bus once stalled at the very bottom of this famous hill, intersecting with a rail road track and collided with a passing train, killing child passengers on board. These days, locals will tell you that it is in fact the spirits of the deceased children  on the bus that push vehicles uphill to get out of harms way. They’ll even instruct you to sprinkle some flour on your bumper – in which the children’s fingerprints supposedly appear after you’ve been pushed to safety…The tracks were torn down in the 60’s, but the ghost still push you…

Where is the hill?

The mysterious hill’s location is 1016 County Line Road Westville, Indiana. Depending where you are coming from, you can either take Highway 6 or Highway 20 to County Line Road.  Once on County Line Road you want to head towards the bridge that goes over the toll road.  The mailbox for 1016 is just south of the bridge and is on the west side of the road.
You want your car to face to the north and you will climb up what looks to be a hill.

The explanation for this phenomenon is actually relatively straight forward.
Mooresville’s famous Gravity Hill (near Magnetic Acres) is actually (and unfortunately) an optical illusion, but it is a very convincing one.
The position of trees and slopes of nearby scenery, or a curvy horizon line, can blend to trick the eye so that what looks uphill is actuallydownhill.GPS measurements show the road at the start is higher than at the end, meaning despite looking like an elevation, the road is in fact sloping downhill.