This Might Look Like An Ordinary Bed, But What’s Hiding Underneath Could Save Your Life

posted by Eddie

Everyone takes their safety seriously. We install security systems in our homes and make sure our doors and windows are locked before we go to sleep. We set up nanny cams to make sure our children are okay in our absence. But there are some things we can’t control.

What can you do if an earthquake strikes while you’re sleeping? It’s a terrifying prospect, but it’s one the inventors at SRI have considered… and their solution could one day safe your life.

At first glance, this bed seems ordinary, if not a bit fancy.


But if the unthinkable happens and an earthquake hits, it deploys the ultimate secret weapon.


This seems a great idea, but perhaps a tad uncomfortable. How could you get any sleep on top of a giant metal box full of gas masks?

Share this bed from the future with your friends below. It may save their life!


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