This Man Lived In His Car For A Year – The Results Are Unbelievable

Chris Sawey seems like your typical, recent college graduate in the United States — but he isn’t. In May 2013, after graduating from Emerson College in Boston, he was keen on finding employment wherever possible. However, on December 12, 2013, after lackluster part time jobs, unceasing rent fees, and car thieves, he eventually decided to do the unthinkable: live in his car. It was a journey he thought would only last for a couple of months, but it lasted for a year. The great thing about it, however, is that Chris has gotten rid of his depression and financial problems as he lived in his 2007 Toyota Prius for a year, or, as he would call it: Hotel Prius.

Cool Chris

This was the old Chris, with long hair, quite the beard, and your all-around cool friend. However, within him was the pressure to land in a job.

The Hotel Prius Arrangement

Chris made it a priority to improve his living space. In his first month, he was able to design curtains and put up a table and stove, all while at a Home Depot parking lot.

The Ultimate Necessity

One of the most essential things he always needed to bring was his laptop. This is where his resume and necessary documents were stored. Moreover, this is what he used to share his experiences with the world, through social media.

The Initial Setup

After acquiring some much needed income, he installed solar panels so he could charge his phone at night.

Be Frugal, Leave Everything Else Behind

To cut down on costs, Chris knew that he had to settle for less. And, in this case, having less allowed for more time to brainstorm about travelling and employment.

Hitting the Gym for Affordable Showers

By being a member of YMCA, a mere $25 fee per month allowed him to use the gym, take a shower, use the WiFi connection, and even swim at a gym pool, wherever any YMCA was in the city.

First Month, Working at Chavez Restaurant

Once he became a full-time worker by January at the high-end Chavez in Austin, he felt that he had reached a better stage in life. After all the troubles, he felt that things were going to be okay. It must have also been because of the wine he was able to taste there.

Depression Gone, Nirvana Achieved

Eventually, Chris was surrounded by the freedom to travel, work, and relax in his own terms. He got rid of his depression and was eager to solve his next task. Moreover, he didn’t have to worry about the dreadful traffic commonly experienced by employees.

Rest and Relaxation

Chris had the opportunity to go see splendid, tranquil places whenever he had time to spare. At the end of the day, he took a risk, and was greatly rewarded for it.

Living in the Fast Lane

Here is Chris detailing his life in a three-minute video.