This Man Found a Homeless Woman At The Laundromat – 20 Years Later He Changes Her Life Forever

You probably know this actor from a bunch of comedy movies, most notably The Hangover.

His name is Zach Galifianakis and he definitely has a generous side to him that transcends the stereotype of the Hollywood elite.


Mimi Haist would get by on tips that customers give her. She volunteered at a local laundromat. She’s 87-years-old. In her 50’s she became homeless and sought shelter between a few rows of washers at a Santa Monica laundromat. Let’s go back 20 years, when Zack first entered the picture.


In ‘94 Zack was a no-name. He was one of the many thousands hoping to make it, yet still struggling hard in the comedy biz. Mimi was living in the laundromat at the time. She would help out the struggling actors do their wash. Zack was blown away by the woman and what she was doing. The pair soon became friends.


Zack would of course eventually find fame. Naturally, he stopped frequenting the laundromat around this time. Mimi figured he probably could now afford his own washer and dryer. But Zack never forgot about Mimi.


The two did lose touch for quite some time, but they became reunited in 2011. Word was out that Mimi was getting evicted from the laundromat. That’s when Zack stepped in and secured a permanent home for Mimi.


He bought her an apartment and he pays for all the utilities. He even asked Renee Zellwegar to furnish it. On top of that, he actually shows just how special Mimi is to him by bringing her to Hollywood movie premieres. Most notably was the Hangover Part 2 where she accompanied Zack down the red carpet!


Here’s what Mimi says about the experience:

“I dress up nice and a friend helps me with my makeup. It’s fun, not something I’ve ever dreamed I’d experience. The limo takes me home afterwards.”


This is a great story of a guy who makes it in Hollywood, yet doesn’t forget where he came from, and who did his laundry along the way! Kudos for Zack for giving back to an old friend in need and going the extra mile to make her a star.