This Looks Like An Ordinary Trailer But Wait Till The Walls Drop

This expandable caravan was designed in 1985, by Eduard Bohtlingk. It’s a tiny house on-the-go, great for anyone who wants a travel-size home. Dubbed “The Markies”, this compatible camper has a spacious bedroom for 4, a living area, kitchen, and a patio. But that’s not nearly all.

When this tiny home is in motion, its exterior makes it appear like a typical camper.


But there’s nothing typical about this unique caravan.

I_Thought_It_Was_An_Ordinary_Trailer_Then_The_Walls_Dropped_OMG_ (1)

When parked at its destination, the floor space can be tripled due to its tent-like walls.

I_Thought_It_Was_An_Ordinary_Trailer_Then_The_Walls_Dropped_OMG_ (2)

The tent walls can be made of numerous kinds of materials, including this clear, glass-like option…

I_Thought_It_Was_An_Ordinary_Trailer_Then_The_Walls_Dropped_OMG_ (3)

…which gives this tiny home a contemporary look.

I_Thought_It_Was_An_Ordinary_Trailer_Then_The_Walls_Dropped_OMG_ (4)

The expandable room can be used for sleeping and can accommodate up to four beds.

I_Thought_It_Was_An_Ordinary_Trailer_Then_The_Walls_Dropped_OMG_ (5)

The interior is pretty chic and modern looking as well.

I_Thought_It_Was_An_Ordinary_Trailer_Then_The_Walls_Dropped_OMG_ (6)

It has a fully functioning kitchen…

I_Thought_It_Was_An_Ordinary_Trailer_Then_The_Walls_Dropped_OMG_ (7)

…and stainless steel appliances.

I_Thought_It_Was_An_Ordinary_Trailer_Then_The_Walls_Dropped_OMG_ (8)

The extensions can also be stripped of its tent-like walls and become an outdoor lanai.

I_Thought_It_Was_An_Ordinary_Trailer_Then_The_Walls_Dropped_OMG_ (9)

Even with the roof and walls, it’s still a pretty swank patio.

I_Thought_It_Was_An_Ordinary_Trailer_Then_The_Walls_Dropped_OMG_ (10)

The floor plan reveals this home’s versatility.

I_Thought_It_Was_An_Ordinary_Trailer_Then_The_Walls_Dropped_OMG_ (11)

So, who’s going buy me one? You? Thanks!

I_Thought_It_Was_An_Ordinary_Trailer_Then_The_Walls_Dropped_OMG_ (12)

Could you live here? Please share this with your family and friends — more people need to become aware that a home doesn’t need to be a huge space with a high mortgage!