This Looks Like A Normal Park – But You’ll Never Believe What Happens When The Seasons Change

I’ve always been fascinated by photography that shows the same place as it looks during different seasons. There is something magical about how nature beautifully transforms like that. But there is one place in Austria where if you’ll stand in one place, the change of seasons will take your breath away. Literally.

Near the Austrian town of Tragoess, there is a beautiful park called Gruner See. During the winter, hikers and picnic dwellers enjoy the park’s tranquil grasslands, and a lake that’s only 3 to 6 feet deep. 

Grüner See (Green Lake), Tragöß, Styria, Austria

The park’s name translates in English to ‘Green Lake’. Because…

Grüner See (Green Lake), Tragöß, Styria, Austria

As the snow and ice melt each spring, the water level in the park dramatically rises.

Wooden bench in overflowed Green Lake

By summer, the entire park becomes submerged in a lake that’s about 40 feet deep…

Wooden bench in overflowed Green Lake

And the park turns into a hotspot for scuba divers.

Wooden bridge in overflowed Green Lake

The water is at its highest level in June and begins receding again in late July. Talk about a multi-purpose park!