This Little Baby Was Raised In A Chicken Cage – What Happened When They Freed Him Is Truly Amazing

Every now and then a story comes along that both horrifies you and fills you with hope at the same time. When the folks at the International Animal Rescue organization found Budi, a baby orangutan, he was being kept in a chicken cage and being fed nothing but condensed milk.

The small space and lack of proper nutrition had nearly destroyed his body. He was rushed to a rescue center in Ketapang, Indonesia, where doctors feared that it may have been too late. But neither the doctors nor Budi were ready to give up. Watch what happened:

He’s come a long way since then, too. Budi can now sit up on his own for short periods of time.

He can also open his mouth without assistance, something he couldn’t do when they first found him.



Budi has also begun climbing again and interacting with other orangutans. Here he is playing with another rescue, Jemmi.


What a resilient little soul.