This Is Why We Have That Groove Between Our Nose and The Top Lip


Have you ever thought about the groove between our nose and the top lip? Well, If you haven’t, we will give you enough reasons to notice it.
Well, the best part of life is that all the human beings, despite having the same body parts, look completely different from each other.
Even though there are a lot of differences when it comes to our features, but they are the prime reason to unite us all as one specie. Yes, we all believe in the theory that variety is the spice of life and that’s what makes our lives so existing. What if we all were the same. Life would’ve been boring. Right?

If we look at each-other, every face is different from the others and even those who are identical twins have a slight difference somewhere. You might not notice but they do have a few varied characteristics.

Here is a scientific theory about it; human faces are formed in the uterus of a woman and they all are formed in a different manner. This is where our identity is made.
Moreover, the creation of our bodies and the power of nature is amazing.
Indeed the most important and expensive part of our body is the face as this part of our body is focused during interaction, it is the first thing that you look at, when you meet someone and not to forget, the expressions that it spurs.

Our face consists of eyes, ears, mouth and nose. But have you ever noticed the little groove between our mouth and nose? Do you know what is it for and why it looks like this?

Well, this little groove is called “philtrum”.

This feature has no function at all.

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