This Is Why Making Cannabis Legal Would End Global Poverty In 1 Year


How to end global poverty in 1 year: No money needed. No revolution. No blood. Just the change of 1 law.

Text from the youtube video about section: “Just think about it. How much food, oil, medicine, rope, clothing, building materials, paper, etc you can get from the cannabis plant? If you really, really think about it, it could end poverty if it was completely legal. It can grow almost anywhere, but big pharma, timber, oil, the police and more have way too much to lose. Prohibition is BIG BUSINESS and it just so happens that making the world’s most versatile and helpful plant illegal is actually
impoverishing the world.

This is CRIMINAL. Freedom cannot exist while nature is illegal. Good people don’t need laws and criminals always find ways around the law. If you are one of the programmed robots that rebuttals with the most predictable of responses please do not even waste your breath. You are out numbered and out matched when it comes to this topic. If you don’t agree, you have some thinking to do. Think of all the kids that are getting healed from their hundreds of seizures a day that doctors gave death sentences to but were healed by cannabis oil. Just think of how cotton scorches the earth and how our trees are disappearing but could be replaced with pesticide-free hemp. Reforest the lands, heal the nation and end poverty. Not to mention fuel the nation with clean, renewable fuel, but what the fuck do I know, I’m just a stoner right…? Ha.”

Do you agree with this man? It sounds like a great concept with huge potential. We just found this on stumbleupon and thought you may enjoy this perspective or maybe even contact this man to further the maths and proof of claim here. The ramifications certainly are staggering considering what we have all learned about cannabis in recent years. Please share this around to see if we can get this idea talked about.