This Is What Really Happens To That Glass of Water When You Leave It Out All Night

water hero

Do you leave a glass of water by your bed at night? Does it taste weird in the morning?

You may pick up on a change in the taste of a glass of water after it’s been out by your bed while you sleep, or out on your desk all day while you ignored it. It’s now been proven that this ISN’T all in our heads, and that water does actually change when left out for a long period of time.

Discovery News has published a video detailing what happens to the water left out, showing that it absorbs small levels of carbon dioxide, lowing the pH of water slightly to make it a teeny bit more acidic. This isn’t a change you need to worry about “unless you are a shellfish,” they confirm.

BUT, as with most of your stuff, really, the longer that a glass of water is left hanging out somewhere, the more harmful bacteria it can be exposed to. Water can also begin to grow algae and host mosquito larvae. Not to mention absorb the dust in your house. So if you haven’t emptied your cup, consider grabbing a new one. But don’t worry about spoiling the water.

Drink up.