This Is What Happens When Your Third Eye Opens Accidentally

According to scholars, the “Third Eye”, which is located in the middle of the forehead about an inch above the eyebrows, is an invisible, mystical eye associated with a powerful energy center. For most people, this eye remains closed and the important energy connected to it is unavailable, but what happens when the Third Eye opens?


For some members of the occult, the third eye is actually located inside the skull and bears the shape of an egg. In the field of cosmology, this is sometimes referred to as the Cosmic Egg and described as the source of all creation. When activated, the tremendous power contained in the Third Eye is said to be able to transport us to – or even create – a whole new world.

According to Hindu tradition, the Third Eye is the sixth primary chakra, or energy center, in the body and is often referenced as, “the soul’s gate.” When activated, it is said to grant greatly enhanced the perception of other realms, and to grant tremendous knowledge and wisdom without assistance from, or reliance upon, the material world. Additionally, it is said that once opened; the Third Eye grants the ability to communicate telepathically with other awakened individuals, to see the spirits of the dead, and even to receive messages directly from higher beings. It’s no wonder that people with an opened Third Eye are known to some cultures as “Seers”, and even witches have expressed a great respect for the value of an opened Third Eye for its tremendous powers for manipulating magical and spiritual energies.

H.P. Blavatsky, the author of, “The Secret Doctrine” and founder of modern Theosophy, describes the Third Eye as being related to the pineal gland.

According to her teachings, humans at one time all possessed the Third Eye, but it atrophied and diminished over time as we desecrated and drifted away from our divine origins. Shrunk down from its original size, the Third Eye became what is now known as the pineal gland. The Eye can be restored, however, with the diligent adherence to certain rules and exercises.


Over time, the truth about the opening of the third eye has been obscured as more and more has been said about the topic. It can be difficult to navigate the resulting misconceptions, so let’s take a moment to make certain things more clear.

* The spontaneous, automatic opening of the Third Eye is accompanied by certain symptoms that ought to be avoided.

* It is possible to open the third eye in a healthy way without negative symptoms through the mindful and deliberate practice of certain techniques.

* Those who practice holistic exercise such as Qi-Gong or Raja Yoga may have already opened their third eye.


Like any part of the body, it is possible for the Third Eye to suffer certain maladies. In this case, illnesses of the Third Eye are almost always related to the flow of energy through the Eye. If that energy flow should become restricted – or even fully blocked – symptoms such as headaches and impaired sense of sight, taste, and smell are common. On a more metaphysical level, a blocked Third Eye can cause excessive daydreaming and a diminished sense of intuition, grounding, and emotional volatility. Illusions about one’s life and a detachment from one’s intuition are also common.



1. Dramatic Changes to Vision – The Third Eye, despite its unique properties, is still an eye. When it opens, it represents the addition of a sixth sense, and this has an impact on all of the other senses. Colors may seem brighter or more intense. One may notice odd or unexpected scents and the flavors of familiar foods may seem similar yet noticeably different. New sounds can be heard, and even the sense of touch can be directly impacted in a variety of ways. This experience can seem hallucinogenic in those whose Third Eye has opened automatically and can be quite disturbing.

2. Dreams Become More Vivid, Intense, and Bizarre – When the Third Eye has opened, the dream state becomes one of the most receptive times for receiving communication from higher planes. In the dreaming mind of someone whose Eye has opened automatically, these messages mingle with their natural dreams and become a chaotic and conflicting experience that can have a profound impact on sleep. It is not uncommon for someone experiencing this to seek medication in an attempt to force a more restful sleep, which can promote atrophy in the Third Eye, possibly causing it to close again.

3. Headaches and Heaviness – The impact of the Third Eye on the senses has been discussed, but it’s also important to examine to the opening of the Eye on the other chakras in the body. In those whose Eye has opened spontaneously, it is common to experience headaches and a feeling that the body has grown more heavy without actually increasing in mass. This can be attributed to a shift in the flow of energy through the chakras. If not properly re-balanced following the opening of the Third Eye, the healthy passage of energy through the body can become disrupted. Everything is interconnected, and when one part of the system isn’t working properly, it can spread dysfunction to other parts of the system. It’s important to note that the presence of physical symptoms should always be examined by a doctor to rule out other potential causes of illness.

4. Detachment from Reality – The human mind without the influence of an open Third Eye grows accustomed to experiencing the world in certain ways. It creates a sense of being grounded in a common reality, and when the Third Eye opens accidentally, that sense of grounding is heavily impacted as the awareness of other planes of reality interject on mundane awareness. A sense of detachment from the prior meaning of reality often occurs, imposing a feeling that nothing is real and that everything is presented in the form of deception. Without mindful understanding of the influence of the Third Eye, it can become exceedingly difficult to regain a sense of understanding and clarity about the world and one’s attachment to it.

5. Relationship Disruption – With the opening of the Third Eye comes to a remarkable ability to identify the truth. As a result, the true nature of relationships may become known and previously strong relationships may suddenly seem superficial and meaningless. Dishonesty becomes more apparent, and the minor day-to-day deceptions may become intolerable. Consequently, interpersonal relationships may experience a tremendous upheaval with the accidental opening of the Third Eye.


One who has never used a hammer before may encounter many bruised thumbs before they can safely drive a nail. The person who exercises intensely usually feels sore and stiff the next day. Learning to balance the influence of the Third Eye is no different, but it can be difficult when the Eye opens on its own without warning. There are ways to learn how to maintain a healthy balance through careful exercise and meditation.

Ideally, one would open their Third Eye deliberately and careful if it were to be open at all. In those cases of accidental openings, relief for the associated symptoms may be found through holistic processes taught by skilled practitioners around the world. Activities like Qi-Qong from China or Raja Yoga from India are examples of things a person might do to help manage their new-found sixth sense.

Do you have the symptoms of an opened third eye?