This Is What Happens When You Press This Point For 45 Seconds

Chinese medicine is very popular by their acupressure methods and they have been using this healing therapy for centuries now.

This acupressure therapy involves acupuncture pressure to points that lie along meridians in our body in order to promote relaxation and treat illnesses. We can find these points on more than 400 places on our body.

There are 12 major meridians and the vital energy called qi (chi) flows through them. They also connect specific organs, thus organizing a system of communication throughout the body. When one or more of these meridians are out of balance or blocked in some way, it causes an illness to occur.

Pressing this point in your body will help you to reduce muscle tension, to improve circulation and to stimulate the brain chemicals called endorphins.

According to several studies, this alternative therapy proved to be very beneficial for relieving certain aches and pains.

When doing this acupressure therapy, you must know that the points should be pressed with moderate pressure for a few seconds up to a couple of minutes and then released. While holding the acupressure points, take a slow,deep breaths in order to get better results.

The Third Eye acupressure point is very beneficial when it comes to relieving stress, chronic headaches, improving memory, calming your mind, eye strain. Moreover, it will help you relieve sinus pain and congestion. This point is considered beneficial for spiritual and emotional imbalances as well.

This pressure point is loceted on the bridge of our nose between our eyebrows. In order to get the best results, you just need to close your eyes, slowly press the point with your middle finger for a few seconds to 1 minute and then release. Repeat this method several times a week.