This Is What Happens When You Eat Avocado Every Day

We’ve all heard the ‘eat an apple a day’ advice and now we are extending that logic to include avocados as well. Avocados are so good for you, they’re called a superfood and that’s pretty important. Listed in this article are the incredible reasons you need to be eating an avocado every single day!

Avocados are a flexible, creamy and nutritious treat.

One of the bigger issues I sometimes run into is that it can be hard to incorporate superfoods into certain meals. Avocados, however, are extremely flexible in how you can utilize them. You can use an avocado as the perfect topper for a sandwich or you can blend it down to a cream and mix it with cream cheese and lime to make an excellent veggie dip. No matter how you choose to utilize your avocado in the kitchen you will no doubt improve the status of your meal. Plus, the expansive list of minerals and nutrients (more on this later) are just a ticking time bomb of good news for your body.

Avocados keep you feeling full.

When you are trying out different programs to help lose weight you might be surprised to see the inclusion of avocados on the list of suggested foods. Avocados are typically thought of as fat filled fruits and discarded afterwards without much thought. However, if you want to focus on quick weight loss then adding avocados to your diet is a great idea. Adding avocados to the various meals in your day will help you reduce your overall caloric intake – meaning you feel more full.

Avocado is packed with potassium.

Potassium is an integral part of your nutritional needs, everyone knows that. However, most people feel like bananas are the best way to incorporate potassium into your diet. While bananas can be a cost efficient way to boost your potassium needs, avocados contain 14% of your daily suggested intake of potassium per serving while bananas contain just 10%. Improving your potassium intake will lead to a whole host of health benefits down the line including a reduction in blood pressure and other heart related problems. Make sure to keep this important mineral boosted in your diet for your overall health.

Avocados are filled with carotenoids.

While many people look to avocados due to attempting to learn how to lose weight easy, there is much more going on with the little green fruits than meets the eye. Avocados are packed full of carotenoids which work as an antioxidant in your body. The primary carotenoid in avocados is called lutein and it helps to keep your eyes clear and healthy. Lutein helps your body fight off potential eye related diseases as you grow older. Two other carotenoids in avocados are zeaxanthin, beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, and tocopherol. We’ll make this dense note simple: add avocados to your diet and your eyes will thank you.

Avocados make arthritis more bearable.

Nobody wants to have arthritis and we certainly don’t want to need something to help it, but avocados can do the job. Arthritis is a degenerative disease that attacks cartilage, making your life much more difficult. Research has shown that utilizing avocado oil can lead to the suppression of certain symptoms that cause pain as a result of arthritis. Studies have shown that avocado oil in particular is effective in quelling pain related to hip and knee arthritis. There is so much more to the avocado than the simple desire to find and lose weight programs.

Avocado is a heart healthy food.

No matter how important other parts of your body are, your heart needs to be in the best shape. Your heart keeps you ticking and that keeps your body going. Avocados are not a miracle food but they will do a ton to help keep your body’s engine in good shape. With almost 80% of its calories coming straight from fat it would be reasonable to assume that there might be some issue there but that isn’t the case. The fat in avocado is actually oleic acid: known specifically for helping your body fight off inflammation and various cancers. This monounsaturated fatty acid is definitely a blessing, so get enough of it into your diet by adding avocados to your meals.

Avocados can regulate your blood sugar level.

One of the biggest sins in our modern world of eating comes in the form of blood sugar spiking. Most foods nowadays are high glycemic and typically initiate an insulin response from your body. This insulin response leads to spiking blood sugar and a crash not long afterwards. Avocados have the right kind of monounsaturated fats to help keep your blood sugar level stable. In fact, research suggests that avocados can help to actually prevent insulin related diseases and problems in the future.

Avocado can enhance your body’s response to other foods.

Did you know that your body doesn’t always respond to nutrients the same? It’s true! Depending on how those nutrients come into your body you might have a harder time sucking them up. Avocados can help to smooth out the process of your body taking in nutrients from other fat sources. The big reason is that there are nutrients which are fat soluble, like Vitamin A or D, and avocados are rife with healthy fat. So combining avocado with your other plant based vegetables can lead to an uptake in the actual nutrient value of your whole meal! Crazy, right?

Avocado takes care of your fiber needs.

Okaaaay, not all of your needs. However, avocados contain 27% of your daily suggested amount of fiber per serving – 3.5 ounces. Fiber is important to have in your diet because it can help to tame blood sugar problems, reduce your weight, and even help you fight off potential diseases. Avocado, by weight, has a higher amount of soluble fiber than most other food sources. Studies show that avocados have about 25% of their fiber in a soluble state. While this may not sound like a lot, it definitely adds up and generally compares well with other food sources. The next time you decide to hop into the grocery store make sure to take some time to figure out which foods offer soluble fiber.

Avocados can protect your liver.

Your liver does a lot of hard work for your body and you owe the organ a bit of payback. Avocados can go a long way toward helping maintain the health of your liver. Avocados have been found to prevent a whole slew of liver related diseases. Of particular interest is how avocados can produce glutathione. Glutathione is an antioxidant which serves as a means of filtering damaging substances from entering the cells in your liver. Glutathione deficiency can be found in many people who suffer from liver related diseases. Also of note is the proliferance of both C and E vitamins. These vitamins help to combat free radicals, thus protecting the cells in your liver from even more damage. To put it simply: avocados are the superfood of the liver — eat em up.

Avocados are an all around health boosting food.

We can dive into the specifics of what makes avocados great all night long but the simple truth is this: they are just all around great for your body. Studies have shown that people who consume avocados tend to be healthier as a result. Studies show that people who regularly eat avocados tend to lose weight easier, possess less fat around their belly, and have better cholesterol numbers. While you can’t explicitly say that avocados are the only factor in these healthy people’s diet, we can say that they definitively do help out. So if you want to put your body in the best position possible to stay healthy and functioning in the long run then you had better be sure to add avocados to your diet. Avocados are cheap, delicious, and all around awesome.

Avocados help to keep your eyes healthy.

Can you imagine life without great ideas? Perhaps you already wear glasses and know the struggle of weak eyes. In either case you will want to keep avocados in your kitchen due to the positive ways that they can impact your vision. Lutein and zeaxanthin, which we mentioned above, are two nutrients that go a long way toward fighting degeneration in your eyes — the leading cause of eventual blindness in the United States. You can’t get lutein or zeaxanthin from a bottle or a supplement, you have to get it through diet. Avocados are the best source of lutein in most grocery stores so you should make it a habit to keep eating them.

Avocados keep your bones strong.

There are a ton of ways that you can keep your body strong into old age and one of them is by paying attention to your bones. Avocados, like many other foods, do a lot of work toward keeping your bones healthy and strong. Avocados are filled with folate, Vitamin K and copper and all of these nutrients are essential for the general health of the bones that keep you upright and healthy. Do your body a favor, order guacamole next time you are out to eat.

Avocados will improve your mood.

Smiling is pretty awesome and avocados will help you find them more often than not. Avocados have a heaping load of potassium and folate and both nutrients have been associated with fighting depression. Scientific studies show that people with depression typically have lower levels of potassium and folate.

Your hair will look nicer than ever.

If you want beautiful, lush, and silky hair then consider adding avocados to your diet (not to your shampoo). Avocados are jam packed with Vitamin E and that is pretty much what you want to improve your general appearance. Vitamin E helps to offset the damage done by free radicals and they also help prevent early signs of aging. Wish we knew that before these gray hairs started kicking in, though.

You will reduce your risk of heart disease.

If you asked someone on the street what the leading cause of death in the United States was we doubt that they would pick heart disease on the first try. Most people assume cancer or car accidents to be the big killers but they are second rate next to heart disease. So what does that have to do with avocados? Well, eating an avocado every day can help severely reduce your risk of eventual heart disease. Heart disease has struck nearly 27 million adults and it is your job to do prevent that number from climbing. Avocados are filled with a healthy blend of nutrients as well as the best sort of consumable fat possible. Both of these facts put together, including the surplus of antioxidants in the fruit, lead to containing your heart disease. You’ll see increased blood flow, decreased inflammation, and a reduction in oxidative stress.

You can steadily lose weight.

While many gardeners are focused on growing outdoor tomatoes in their garden, it may behoove them to switch their focus to avocados. Did you know that avocados can help you manage your weight? It may seem a little bit out there to think that an avocado, which is filled with healthy fat, may help in weight management but it is absolutely the truth. Scientists have found through their studies, particularly the Nutrition Journal, that folks who ate half of an avocado with their lunch ended up feeling ‘fuller’ and more satisfied for a longer period of time. This meant that the same people were waiting longer to reach for their next meal, thus preventing overeating and managing their weight. Many home businesses out there exist to try and sell you gimmick diet programs. Ignore them and start reaching for the avocado instead.

You will help yourself fight off cancer risk.

Cancer is the ‘big bad’ of all words that you can hear after a trip to the doctor. Nobody wants to get cancer yet very few people actually make proactive choices to help reduce their eventual risk of developing the disease. Avocados can be an important tool in staving off cancer later on in your life. Avocados are filled with phytochemicals, like xanthophylls and phenols, that help fight against cancer cells. There have been numerous studies done that showcase avocados as a legitimate way to offset certain types of cancer. As more and more research is done on avocados and their relation to cancer risk we expect to see the fruit find its way into more and more households. If you cant fix your diet to fight cancer what can you fix it for?

Avocados help reduce bodily inflammation.

Inflammation in the body is so much more than just a tired, achy and painful feeling. Studies show that chronic inflammation in your body can bring on such serious diseases as asthma, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, cancer and more — so many more. Avocados are packed to the brim with oleic acid and that has been shown to be a blockbuster fighter against chronic inflammation. Oleic acid can also be found in olive oil and it is universally recognized as a healthy addition to your diet. If you have a family history of any of the aforementioned diseases then you might do well to be proactive in how you choose to fight them off and an easy way to do that is by eating more avocados.

Your skin will be healthier for a longer period of time.

Avocados have something called carotenoids inside of them and your body really, really likes them. Zeaxanthin and lutein, two other compounds in avocado, work toward keeping your skin safe against potential UV damage from the sun. You’ll also be glad to hear that those two compounds help to keep your skin smoother as well. Many different food sources have these compounds in them but those sources all vary in their bioavailability to your body. Avocados are ready to absorb those health improving compounds so make sure to add an avocado to your daily diet intake. You can make a quick avocado smoothie in the morning to make sure you get it in without any pressure.

Keep your cholesterol in check.

If you already have high cholesterol or have a family history of bad cholesterol then you might be reaching for these green treats sooner than later. About 1/3rd of all American adults have issues with their cholesterol and this leads directly to an increase in heart disease. Regular consumption of avocados leads to a reduction in your total cholesterol level. Make sure to keep ’em in your diet!

Avocados can be helpful during pregnancy.

Pregnant women would do well to incorporate avocados into their diet. Studies show that the addition of folic acid, of which avocados possess plenty, can help to prevent potential birth defects. Some birth defects that can be avoided thanks to folic acid include neural tube and spina bifida. Avocados are also filled to the brim with vitamin K which is a deficiency that most pregnant women tend to run into. A vitamin K deficiency can lead to VKDB, or bleeding in newborn babies. Scientists suggest eating avocados before your pregnancy and throughout the rest of the pregnancy. The flexibility of avocado as a food should also help to keep this up.

Your body absorbs nutrients better with avocados.

It may surprise you to hear that no matter how nutritious a food is, you might not be imbibing all of the benefits. Your body can only take what is bioavailable. Avocados have healthy fat in them and that works perfectly with certain nutrients that are fat soluble. Fat soluble vitamins need to have fat with them to be properly absorbed.