This Is What Happens When Boys Were Asked To Slap A Girl, What They Did Is A Total Wake Up Call

Women are always victims of violence from domestic to public, there’s always news about it. It’s sad that some of these women died because of such violence. Is there any way to stop this? Or even lessen it a bit if not totally stop?

A social experiment was conducted by to spread awareness in this never ending problem of violence against women.

Boys aging from six to eleven years old were asked about what they wanted to be when they grow up. The boys diligently answered the question and the reason why they wanted it.

They were then introduced to a beautiful girl named “Martina”. They were shy at first but were mesmerized by her beauty. The boys later told what they like about her and what attracted them the most.

The boys were also asked to caress her, they touch her hair and arm with shyness and excitement. Then the most shocking part comes, they were asked to slap her as hard as they can. Watch the video below.

Remember this…