This Is What A 35 Year Old Tin Of Sweetcorn Looks Like Inside After Foodbank Open Up Decades Old Can

It went out of date 35-years-ago, but what does the inside of this tin of Green Giant sweetcorn look like now?

The can was recently donated to a food bank in Cardiff, despite having a best before date of August 1982.

But it turns out that the sweetcorn has lasted pretty well – and looks exactly the same as you would expect if it was well in date.

Whether the same can be said about the taste is anyone’s guess.

And it’s not the only out-of-date product the Cardiff food bank has received recently after someone donated a tin of soup to that is so old that Heinz doesn’t even make the flavor anymore.

The sweetcorn looks exactly as you’d expect it to look if it was in date

The taste might not be quite the same…

The rusty can had clearly been forgotten about long ago at the back of someone’s cupboard, until the donor decided to have a clear out.

And when it arrived at Cardiff food bank – the tin of long since discontinued kidney soup was at least 46-years-old.

The Heinz ‘ready to eat’ Kidney Soup, priced at 10d (24p in ‘new’ money) was handed into to the Trussell Trust Cardiff Food Bank on Wednesday, reports Wales Online .

Staff said the “hilarious” donation also included an 8p tin of Green Giant sweetcorn dating back to the 1980s and a 13p tin of Del Monte carrots.

Helen Bull, the trust’s partnership and fundraising manager, said: “Especially at Harvest time people empty their cupboards of food they no longer need.

“It’s out of a generous heart but I just think they don’t think and don’t necessarily look at the dates.

Heinz no longer makes kidney soup

“It would be great if anybody wants to give us lots of money for it.

“It should probably be in a museum.”

The tin dates back to before decimalisation in 1971 – making it at least 46 years old.

Makers Heinz tweeted: “Wow! That soup was discontinued over 35 years ago. Should be in a museum rather than a food bank!”

Helen said the donation was made by an unknown person but came as part of a series of donations from schools and churches as part of Harvest Festival donations.

Unfortunately staff regularly find out of date food.

Helen said: “Sometimes we do end up throwing quite a lot of food out. We get an awful lot of out-of-date food.”

She said they plan to keep the tins in the office and will get a “smile” out of them.

Helen added: “We will certainly keep them. It might remind people to give us in-date food.”

The food bank costs between £80,000 and £100,000 to keep going each year and rely solely on donations.

It is currently short of tinned tomatoes, sponge cake, coffee, biscuits and custard.

They give people a “balanced” diet in their food packages but need sweet food to give people who have gone without food some quick energy.