This Is The Disturbing Truth of How The Elites Stay In Power

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There is always going to be some amount of economic inequality. Humans will always have an impact on the globe. But what we don’t need is a system that destroys the planet. What we don’t need is a system that enables poverty, greed, and corruption. It doesn’t matter if there’s a ruling class. It doesn’t matter that some will earn billion and others won’t. What matters is that there are so few with so much, while so many go without.

Every day, I see posts on Facebook about people needing to sell their furniture so they can keep the power on. I see people begging in the streets not just for money, but for a job. I see people going to the ER even though they don’t have health insurance, knowing full well they can’t ever pay their bills.

It doesn’t matter that there’s an elite class. What matters is that they keep the rest of us down. It may seem complicated, but it’s pretty straight forward. This is how the elite stays in power. Educate yourself.