This Is One Of The Most Powerful Videos You Will Ever See, Just Make Sure You Watch It To The End

This powerful short film about adoption and abandonment is so hard-hitting that it really deserves a warning about what irresponsibility and cruelty can do to living beings.  It is set to music, and is able to tell a story without any dialogue, that will stay with you forever.

It tells the story of a very normal looking family who adopt an adorable little red-haired girl. Over time she does “little girl” things like fighting with her older (not adopted) sister, spilling a drink, making messes, interrupting when parents are busy.  We watch the parents get angry and less inclusive of this little girl. She grows more remote and sad, and acts out more.  She has a stuffed doll whose insides she keeps pulling out.  The symbolism is evident.

What happens next is the father takes her for a ride, and just when you think he is about to give her the attention she so sorely needs, the “Gift” (as the film is named) takes a very dark turn.  It needs to be watched to the bitter end.  I must say that I was shocked and really moved by this beautiful little film that manages, without words, to say everything there needs to be said about the responsibility of adopting both children and animals. We live in a society that has a throw-away mentality.  We have short attention spans, and often don’t have the patience nor the commitment to deal with life when it becomes difficult.

This short film is truly a Gift that should be watched and watched again.