This Is How To Tell if Someone’s Been ‘Stalking’ Your Facebook

We all have that curiosity in us to want to know who has been looking at our Facebook’s. It is just a common thing, we all do it; go check on our ex’s, their new bf/gf, your latest “crush” etc. But have you ever want to know who exactly has been looking at yours?

If you spend your time looking at other people’s Facebook pages thinking that there is no way that people can see what you are doing, boy do we have news for you! Checking out your ex or seeing what that annoying friend from school has been doing is a common activity these days, come on; everybody does it!

This new feature basically allows users to share updates and form a story that lasts only 24 hours before disappearing entirely. It also lists who has views the story and how many people have looked at it.

This is big news for Facebook and creepers EVERYWHERE!