This Ingenious Lady Built Her Home Out of Shipping Containers – You Won’t Believe The Results

Claudie Dubreuil, a general contractor in Mirabel, Quebec, is the owner of Collections Dubreuil. Her company builds traditional wood houses and condos — fantastic for business, but the owner’s design aesthetic is a bit more adventurous.

When it was time for Dubreuil to build her own new home, she decided to take a different path — a path that involves shipping containers and an amazing design.

Although finding an engineering firm to help her was difficult, her dream came true for a total cost between $330,000 and $377,000, in U.S. dollars. (The total cost included lot price, excavation, labor and materials.)

The containers she purchased were 8 feet wide and 40 feet long. That might not seem like a lot of space. But what you see in the first photo is just step one.

The engineering firm cut out sections of the containers to fit her design and shipped them to her lot.



She had a cement basement and foundation poured to place the containers upon.


She covered the outside of the containers with wood paneling because she didn’t want to have to paint them every year.


She kept some of the inside walls original, which gives the home an industrial feel.



There is a spiral staircase up to the second floor to save room.


She also decided on a nice balance of natural and artificial lighting.


The kitchen and dining room are modern, simple, and bright!



As you can see, in one part of the house, a bedroom and bathroom combo possesses a very open design.



There are also private areas in the house for those who need their own space.



The second floor patio/deck is a definite plus to the design. It looks like the perfect place to soak up the morning sun.


The office is located in the basement — a great place for a quiet workspace.


This is a fantastic little home!


Container homes are more popular than one may think. Shipping containers are sturdy and made for stacking, and they can make designing a new and perfect home fun!

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