This Indigenous Man Accidentally Meets Outsider, Which Ends His 10 Year Long Fight For Survival

World is full of “Un-Contacted” People

The world is full of various people. People belonging to different ethnicities, different culture, different caste, etc. In this modern era, everyone is connected through one social medium or the other. But there are people who still don’t fall into this bracket of connected and contacted people. There is a minimum of 100 uncontacted tribes of native people, who are living their lives as they used to years before. With no modern amenities and no social connection, these people can not even communicate with the civilized people, because of their language barrier.Unfortunately, these people always face the danger of getting extinct, due to various reasons such as attacks on them by other people, sabotaging their surroundings etc. When one indigenous man came in contact with some people in the forest, his life changed…

The “Hawk” of Awa

Karapiru belonged to a group of an indigenous Awa tribe, who has its native in northeastern Brazil. The meaning of his name, in his language, means “Hawk.”Since ages, The Awa tribe was living in the Maranhao state of Brazil. But they refer this place as “Harakwa” which means “the place that we know.”

Living in the rainforest for ages

The people of Awa tribe were living together in this part of the Brazilian rainforest, since a long time. The type of food they like to eat mostly includes nuts, fruits, honey, wild pigs, tapirs, and monkeys. But from past few years, their life has been under a constant threat from various factors.

The Most Threatened Tribe On Earth

The Awa people are on the top of the list of territorial destruction. They are always on the targets of ranchers, loggers, and settlers who are invading their territories for their personal gains. The attacks on them are on a rise and these people are killed brutally, with no faults of theirs. According to a recent report, less than 100 Awas are left.

Brutal Firing

Karapiru and his family were having a leisure time together when some armed men interrupted them. The family had no clue what were they doing there and for what purpose they were loaded with arms. Without uttering a single word, they started firing ruthlessly on Karapiru’s family.

Tried to escape

The family members tried to escape from the spot. Karapiru sprinted towards the trees to get some cover, but a bullet struck his lower back. He was lucky enough that he didn’t die. However, all other members of his family were killed in the rampage. The members who were killed included his son, daughter, wife, mother and his brothers.

In Poor Condition

Lucky enough to be living, Karapiru was in poor condition. “There was no way of healing the wound. I couldn’t put any medicine on my back, and I suffered a great deal,” he said. “The lead was hot on my back, bleeding. I don’t know how it didn’t become full of insects. But I managed to escape from the whites.”…

The Lone Time Spent By Karapiru

Karapiru stayed alone for 10 long years. He was battling for his survival.  He traveled a long distance of nearly 400 miles on foot. Crossing each every river and sand dunes that he came across. “It was very hard,” he told Survival International. “I had no family to help me, and no one to talk to.”

Non-Ending Fight for survival

Since he was traveling he didn’t get the food he used to eat in Maranhao. He hunted small birds and ate honey for his survival. At night, in order to protect himself from the wild animals, he used to sleep on the higher branches of copaiba trees. To mitigate loneliness factor he used to talk to himself.

The Accidental Meeting

It had been more than 10 years that his family was mercilessly killed by a group of armed men, who opened fire at them. While he was traveling, he met a farmer on the border of the small village. The farmer also had a sharp tool in his hand, but he had a friendly nature, unlike the men who killed his family.

Uncomfortable at first

The farmer was a blessing in disguise for Karapiru. He welcomed Karapiru into his hut and noticing his abysmal condition, offered him food and water. The farmer even allowed him to live in his hut, in exchange for chores. The farmer gave him rice, flour, and coffee to eat, which he never ever had in life. Karapiru was also quite uncomfortable with the way, the farmer lived.

Anthropologist came to interview Karapiru

The news spread to the town, that an unknown man of an unknown tribe was living with the farmer. An anthropologist got this news and straight away headed towards them. When anthropologist interviewed Karapiru, he was unable to under his language. The anthropologist got in touch with FUNAI, a Brazilian government agency, and requested them to provide him with a translator, but they sent the wrong man.

A Miraculous Meeting

After a while, the agency sent in a man from Awa community. His name was Xiramuku. When Xiramuku reached the place, where the anthropologist was interviewing Karapiru, the meeting turned into a miracle. Xiramuku just spoke a single word in Awa language after seeing Karapiru, and the word meant “Father” in their language.

Xiramuku survived the attack

Actually, Xiramuku was successful in escaping from the spot where their family had been killed 10 years ago. He was one of the survivors. He was just wounded and after talking to his father for a while, he convinced him to come and live with them in the Awá village of Tiracambu.

Back To The Awa Way of Life

After being alone for more than a decade, Karapiru was back his family. He was more than happy to be back, of course, anyone will be. Karapiru was back in his groove of living the Awa way of life. Hunting in the rainforest, keeping the monkey as pets, etc he was doing everything again. Moreover, he even started a new family.

Happily Married

For him not only marriage happened again, Karapiru even expanded his family. He had several children from his new marriage. Finally, Karapiru was at peace with his life. “I feel good here with the other Awá,” he said, “I found my son after many years, which made me very happy.”

Death is the only option!!

“The invasions of white people in Awá territory is not good,” Karapiru said. “We don’t like it. After what happened to me, I try and hide from white people.” Karapiru explained that they are simple people and they can not even fight with likes of those who are heavily armed. They are left with only option, i.e., death.

Karapiru hopes for a brighter future

The federal judge of Brazil termed the killing of Awa people as ‘real genocide’. Eventually, Karapiru hopes that they have a brighter future. “I hope the same things that happened to me won’t happen to my daughter,” he says. “I hope she will eat lots of fish, and grow up to be healthy. I hope it won’t be like in my time.”