This Incredible Woman Runs A Retirement Home For Over 20 Dogs Will Make You Feel Things


When we adopt dogs, they become part of our families. We love every second we spend with them and do all we can to ensure that every day of their four-legged lives are wonderful. Given all of the joy and love that our pups bring to our world, we owe it to them to make this possible.

Sometimes, however, elderly dog guardians can no longer care for their furry best friends and they have to give them up. This is where Home with a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary comes in. Run by Sher Polvinale and her team of volunteers in Gathersburg, Maryland, Home with a Heart is a retirement home for dogs dedicated to making sure that their final days are filled with love and care.

Sher has up to two-dozen dogs in her care at any given time and her sheer dedication and devotion to every single one of them is nothing short of incredible! Every dog deserves to be loved every single day of their lives, and thanks to Sher and her team, they can be.

The pups come to the sanctuary for a safe and loving home, and because of their age, it’s usually until they pass away.

The team provides the dogs with everything from food and shelter to grade-A supplies like wheelchairs.


Thanks to donations and profits from short-term stays, the shelter can keep these dogs in tip-top shape.

Polvinale wakes up at 6:00 a.m. every day to feed and check on over 25 dogs before volunteers arrive at 11:00 a.m.


Talk about sacrifice.

When the time does come to say their last goodbyes, Vice President Harriette Sackler sits with the dogs until their very last moments.

They never let them pass alone, and “they’re loved until the very last moment and beyond.”

But to make sure their memory will never die, Sher and the team put the dogs’ pictures on a memorial wall as a tribute.

It’s gotten so big, the volunteers have called the memorial the “Stairway to Heaven.”



“We never forget them. They’re always with us.”