This Horrifying Creature Is Called A Bobbit Worm – and It’s Your Worst Nightmare

Parents always assure their children that there aren’t any real monsters in the world so they can go back to sleep. But unfortunately, that just isn’t true.

Lurking underneath the sand of the ocean floor is a particularly hellish and abominable creature known as the Bobbit worm. When you see what it does, you’ll never sleep again.

This horrifying creature is called the Bobbit worm, and it’s your worst nightmare.


These omnivorous predators bury themselves in the loose gravel and sand of coral reefs and wait for their prey. primary weapon is their massive jaws, which are so quick and powerful that they’ve been known to slice fish completely in half in a single bite.


If that’s not frightening enough, these worms aren’t small, either. They are about three feet long on average, with some discovered specimens as long as ten feet.


They bury their bodies in the sand, open their jaws, and wait.


What happens when something swims by is pretty shocking.

When something stimulates one of their five main antennae, they know it’s time to strike.


Once it’s got a hold of you, there’s simply no escape.




I’m never going in the ocean again.