This Honey, Lemon, And Cinnamon Drink Will Help You Lose 8 Pounds In One Week

People suffering from excess weight are usually at a loss on how to lose it. Although a combination of diet and regular exercise is a sure way to lose some weight, there are many natural drinks that can also help. Many of these drinks can boost your metabolism and digestion and are a great way to lose weight without the need for a strict diet and hours spent in the gym. Below you can see a recipe for one such drink which will help you lose more than a few pounds.


Lemon juice (from ½ a lemon)

½ a teaspoon of cinnamon powder

1 tablespoon of honey

1 glass of warm water


Add the cinnamon in a glass of warm water and mix well, then squeeze the lemon in and add the honey. For best results, you should drink the mixture in the morning before breakfast.

When mixed together, honey, lemon and cinnamon create a powerful weight loss remedy that can boost your metabolism and digestion. Furthermore, the pectin fiber in lemons can satiate you and prevent cravings. Drink the remedy every day will also alkalize your body, reduce the risk of diabetes, improve your body’s nutrient absorption and reduce the risk of overeating and weight gain. Try it yourself and you’ll be amazed by the results!